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double the woof

More Emotes

Donating $5 USD or more will increase your emote limit up to 50, doubling your capacity. The math checks out; that's 100% more woof.

trihex's custom mod badge

Custom Moderator Badges

You also become eligible to supply a custom moderator badge for your channel. You can upload an image and moderators in your channels will have that image on their badge instead of the usual sword!

While we're still working on site features, you can manually submit a custom mod badge by submitting it as an emote named "ModIcon". Please make sure your mod badge is 18x18 or smaller and contains only white on a transparent background (no green).

awesome donor badge

FrankerFaceZ Supporter Badge

Like showing off in chat? You also get this sweet supporter badge next to your name in all channels so everyone will know how awesome you are. Forever.