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Our supporters are called Subwoofers because they're based.

As a Subwoofer, you help us devote more time into building great new features and ensuring FFZ always works with Twitch's rapidly-changing infrastructure.

Emote Effects

Add special effects and animations to any of your emotes, anywhere on Twitch!

  • Active subscribers get access to a special set of emotes that modify other emotes with cool effects.
  • Even more effects will be added over time.
  • Use them by following an emote with one of the effect modifiers:
    CatBag CatBag ffzX
  • Users need compatible client to see emote effects.


FFZ Subwoofer Badge

Get a chat badge to show that you've contributed to FFZ.

  • Subscribers permanently unlock a FFZ Supporter badge. It's yours forever.
  • Active subscribers get a FFZ Subwoofer badge, with additional colors for longer sub durations.
  • Users need compatible client to see FFZ badges.


FFZ Supporter badge example

More Channel Emotes

Get more emote slots. We did the math, and bigger numbers are cooler. Stop worrying about what emotes you want and just add them all.

  • Subscribers instantly get 100 emote slots.
  • Each month you're subscribed, you get another 25 slots (up to a maximum of 500).
  • Your slots are permanent. Even if you unsubscribe, they never go down.


Lattice of cute emotes

Custom Channel Badges

You know who are cool? Moderators and VIPs. They're so cool we want to give them something a little special.

As a Subwoofer, you can upload custom badge designs for your mods and VIPs. Just go to your channel page and click to add a custom mod or VIP badge and upload your image.

  • Custom badges are permanent. You don't have to be an active subscriber to create or use them.
  • Users need compatible client to see customized badges.


Example of custom channel badges